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How to extend the life of your Camper Trailer Tent

Is there anything else like sleeping under canvas? The sound of rain helping you drift off to sleep. It’s amazing. That is until you see some mould! Here are some practical tips to improve the life of your camper trailer tent. 

Keeping your tent canvas clean

This may sound obvious – but simply keeping your tent clean will greatly extend its life in top condition. One great way to keep your canvas looking good and free of odours is to give it a regular spray with a garden hose. You should aim to give your camper a very thorough hose down at least once a year, this will keep dirt from becoming ingrained.

Regularly clean off, and clear out bird droppings, tree sap, and other debris.

To avoid damaging the fabric, don’t use soap, detergent or solvents to remove them – instead, use a clean cloth or soft-to-medium brush and cold to lukewarm water.

Mould and mildew

Got caught in a storm, and the inside of your tent has gotten wet? Make sure when you get home you air it out and let it dry before packing down.  If you do discover mould, be very careful with solvents or other mould killers as this can interfere with your tent’s weatherproofing and protection. 

The best way to kill mould, dab it with a mix of nine parts water to one part vinegar. Let the canvas dry completely and then remove all traces of mould using a brush and vacuum cleaner.

Pre-trip care

After you purchase your camper trailer, it is a good idea to pre-condition the canvas prior to your first trip. This simply involves setting it up outside for at least 24 hours to expose it to humidity. (You can also help this along by spraying it with your garden hose) This will make the fibres expand and contract, becoming more water-resistant.

Post-trip care

After your trip and you arrive home – it is a good idea to give the trailer a hose down, for the reasons above. Make sure metal items such as tent pegs are packed away separately because they can corrode and stain the canvas.

Repairing the canvas

Got a small rip or tear in the canvas? Panic! No, no – don’t panic – this is an easy fix! Most camping stores sell patches that can be sewn onto the tent’s inside surface. Alternatively, you can buy repair tape if your sewing machine skills aren’t up to scratch.

The Warrior S3 Camper Trailer - Internal View of Main Tent Area and Sleeping Area
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