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This is the actual weight of the camper – how much your camper weighs at manufacturer specification (not including gas, water etc) and with no payload.

GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) 

This is the TARE weight of your camper trailer, plus your maximum payload. This is the maximum overall weight of your camper in transit. This is a rating set by Platinum Campers & cannot be exceeded. 

GVM = ATM – Tow Ball Mass

It is important to note that the advertised weight will be specified as ‘in standard configuration’ and dry. You would rightly expect that if you buy a trailer in standard trim the advertised weight would be the weight reflected on the VIN Tag. All added accessories, whether they are a bonus accessory, or a purchased accessory will increase the Tare Weight. Equally as important, they will decrease the load carrying capacity, which is the difference between the Tare Mass and the ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass).

It is impossible for us to advise a universal answer to this question as everybody has a different requirement for what they take camping. The load you intend to take camping added to the Tare Mass must not exceed the ATM, so it is important to consider everything you are going to add to the trailer, e.g. water, food, clothing, bedding, tools, etc. when calculating the load capacity. We recommend as a minimum 500kgs and ideally the larger the load capacity the better. Give us a call or pop into a showroom and we can help advise over the phone. 

The short answer is no. The ATM is the maximum weight of the camper trailer and should not exceed the limit of your towing capacity. 
However – we do sell other models that you would be able to tow with a Towing weight of only 1,500kg. 

It is very imperative that you know in detail the towing capacity and ball weight of your car! It is the only way you can make an informed decision on what Camper Trailer you should buy. If you are unsure of your specification – please give us a call and we may be able to assist. 

Stone & terrain damage will not be covered by warranty. We highly recommend you research effective tools or ways to reduce stones being thrown up from the car and consider the terrain you are travelling over and the damage that may be caused. A good idea is to fit wide low mud flaps to the back of your car to reduce the rocks being distributed by the rear wheels or an after-market protection device which will all but stop rocks coming off the back of the car and hitting the Camper Trailer above the draw bar.

Once you have paid for the vehicle and it has left our manufacturing facility you must have it insured, from that point our insurance cannot and does not cover the vehicle. Even on transportation whether we have organised the transportation or you have done it directly you must have the vehicle insured.

Platinum Campers warrants that all parts of the manufacture and assembly of your camper trailer, will be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of manufacture for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery, except in the case of the chassis, body, and draw bar, which will be warranted for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery (Warranty Period). In addition to this, the Canvas is covered by a 2 year limited warranty. (this excludes zippers)

All components supplied and manufactured by third-party suppliers will be covered in line with their warranty policy. The warranty period begins on the date that the Camper Trailer is first registered or put into service, whichever is earlier.

Platinum Campers limited warranty does not apply to a chassis or suspension that is bent or has experienced a loading condition higher than a design specification. Damage or defect which result from accident, collision, abuse, corrosion, stone/rock damage, normal wear and tear, during transit, storm damage, fire, neglect, theft, improper maintenance, improper set-up and pull-down, improper wheel nut torque, hub imbalance or any damage caused thereby, alteration, overloading or work carried out by an outside repairer (not approved by Patinum Campers prior to work being completed). All transport costs for warrantable items, complete Camper Trailers to and from Platinum Campers facilities are at the cost of the owner.

For full details visit our warranty page. 

When you order your Camper you will be provided a pickup date by your salesperson. The reason we cannot generalise on delivery dates is all Campers must be pre-delivered – and your optional extras installed, depending on availability your pickup date may be delayed. 

Please contact us with the model you are interested in, and we can let you know a rough pickup time-frame. 

12 inch hubs – • 25580 & 25520 Inner Bearings / • 15123 & 15245 Outer Bearings 

10 inch hubs – • 68110 & 68149 Inner Bearing / • LM12710 & LM12749 Outer  Bearing

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