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Our Aluminium Ute Canopies are practical and built to last.

At Platinum Campers, we’re proud to offer Titanium Trailers’ Aluminium Ute Canopies, designed for both practicality and longevity.

These canopies are equipped with secure whale tail compression locks, ensuring the safety of your gear. Made from durable 3mm Aluminium, they strike the perfect balance between toughness and lightweight design. Each canopy features reinforced internal bracing and well-crafted recessed doors, showcasing the reliable quality synonymous with Titanium Trailers.

As a dealer of Titanium Trailers in North Queensland, Platinum Campers brings you a diverse range of Ute Canopies, each uniquely designed to suit different needs. We understand our customers’ varied requirements, which is why we offer a wide selection of canopies, including custom order options.

Enhance your vehicle further by pairing your canopy with our Ute Trays, each designed with the same high standards of detail and quality as our canopies, ensuring a comprehensive and top-tier solution for your Ute.

Dog Boxes

At Platinum Campers, we offer top-quality Dog Boxes, ensuring safe and comfortable travel for your pets. Our durable, well-ventilated boxes are designed for pet safety and ease of use, fitting seamlessly with your vehicle for stress-free journeys with your furry companions.

Standard Canopies

Discover the adaptable Jack Ready Canopies at Platinum Campers, designed for ultimate flexibility. These canopies are prepped for optional jack legs, offering the choice of easy detachment and independent use. Ideal for adventurers who value versatility and practicality in their gear.

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Canopies with Dog Boxes

Platinum Campers presents our innovative canopies with integrated dog boxes, blending functionality and pet care seamlessly. These canopies offer the perfect solution for adventurers who travel with their furry friends, providing a secure and comfortable space for pets, while still offering ample storage for your gear.

Secure and Style: Titanium Trailers’ Superior Aluminium Ute Canopies

  • Titanium Trailers combines the charm of small-town service with the excellence of big-city craftsmanship. We value each customer uniquely, ensuring you’re more than just a sale – you’re a valued member of our community.

Renowned across Australia for our top-tier ute canopies, our reputation is built on a foundation of unwavering commitment to quality, functionality, and customer care. Whether you need a canopy for professional use or personal convenience, we guarantee the highest standard of excellence in every product.

Choosing Titanium Trailers means more than just buying a product; it’s an investment in quality and trust. We promise durability, superior functionality, and a customer service experience that makes you feel right at home.

  • Our Ute Canopies are designed for the toughest tasks, featuring a reinforced checker plate floor and sturdy sub-frame. With options for safety enhancements like blind spot sensors, you can be confident in their strength and security. Personalize your Ute Canopy with a range of add-ons, including dog boxes, trundle drawers, and more, to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

With sizes ranging from 1600 with headboard at $2700 to 2400 with headboard at $3600, we cater to various needs and budgets. Our extensive customization options, such as upgraded lights, mesh headboards, blind spot monitors, and powder coating, ensure your Ute Canopy meets your exact requirements.

Our team at Titanium Trailers is always ready to assist you, whether you need help choosing the perfect Ute Canopy, understanding customization options, or require after-sales support. Feel free to contact us – we’re here to provide the guidance and support you need.

Ute Canopy Black Powder Coated Checker plate Finish
Ute Canopy Flat Finish
Ute Tray & Canopy Setup
Ute Tray, Dog Box with Sides
Ute Canopy Flat Finish
Ute Canopy Checker Plate with Ladder Racks and Spare Wheel

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for fitting a Titanium Trailer canopy varies, with prices ranging from $1,250 to $3,800, based on size, finish, and extra features. While self-installation is possible, we offer professional fitting services at Platinum Campers for an additional $100.

Our Titanium Trailer Ute Canopies are engineered to support approximately 360kg on the roof, thanks to a sophisticated bracing system, making them a robust choice for various needs.

Yes, our Titanium Trailer canopies are designed for ease of use, including lightweight construction for simple removal. We provide optional sturdy jack-off canopy legs and installation kits for hassle-free detachment.

Choosing the right canopy involves considering size, price, finish, and functionality. Accurate measurements are key, and our team at Platinum Campers is always available to assist you in making the perfect choice.

Titanium Trailers’ aluminium Ute Canopies are favored for their exceptional quality, durability, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal, making them a top choice for tradies and outdoor enthusiasts.

Titanium Trailers’ half canopies are ideal for transporting a variety of items, from hunting and fishing gear to camping accessories and everyday tools, offering practicality for both daily use and outdoor excursions.

Our Aluminium Ute Canopies are designed for versatility across various ute models. We recommend checking with our team at Platinum Campers for compatibility with your specific model.

Maintaining your canopy involves routine cleaning with mild soap and water, ensuring locks and hinges are clear of debris. Regular lubrication of hinges and locks is also recommended for smooth operation.

Absolutely, our Aluminium Ute Canopies come with a warranty. You can find the specific details on our website or contact us directly at Platinum Campers for more information.

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