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Soft Floor Campers have more storage space, and a larger tent area and are great for large families

Off-Road Soft Floor Campers for sale

The first thing you will notice about soft floor camper trailers is that they have much larger, wide-open tent space. Since they have soft PVC floors, they are the perfect choice if you are camping on rugged off-road terrains as you do not need perfectly level ground as you do with hard floor campers. The second thing you will notice is these campers have much more storage – making them a fantastic choice for large families and groups.

Also – Soft Floor Camper Trailers are generally much lighter than hard floors and are a perfect choice for Overlanding, camping on the beach, bush camping, and more.  Soft floor camper trailers available from Platinum Campers never compromise on comfort or luxury and have a lot more standard inclusions than the competition – 

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Large Open Tents

The Warrior S3 Camper Trailer - Large Open Main Tent

Compared to their hard floor counterparts – Soft floor campers have much larger tent space. With models like the General and the Warrior, you can easily fit more than 6 people comfortably. Plus, with the included, fully enclosed annex you have another full seized room to spread out in.

It is true when compared to a hard floor, forward fold camper, rear fold camper, or Platinum’s dual fold camper; soft floors are more time-consuming to set up. But it’s not difficult. The canvas tent is attached to gas struts that make lifting the tent quite easy. Once you flip it open – it’s just a matter of pulling the tent the rest of the way open – then adding a couple of stand poles and spreader bars. 

Campers in the wild
The Cadet SE - Soft Floor Camper
Soft Floor Camping in the Bush

Soft floor campers have room for the whole family! Big tents and tonnes of storage! 

Large Open Tent Area - The General S3 Camper Trailer - Platinum Campers

Storage Space

The Warrior S3 Camper Trailer - Storage compartments

Storage, storage, storage! Make packing and unpacking a breeze with your soft floor camper trailer, having a lot more storage in the body of the camper is fantastic if you’re traveling with a large family or group, or for long journeys.

Unlike hard floor campers, where storage is at a premium, soft floors have the benefit of accessible storage while the camper is still closed up. This makes planning for your weekend trip a breeze as you can pack during the week, and unpack when you get home at your leisure. 

The Cadet SE

Ticks all the boxes – Affordable
Finance from: $70 p/w*
Upfront from: $14,899
Tare: 1000kg
GTM: 2000kg
(l) 4400 x (w) 1800
x (h) 1400

The General S3

For Serious Off-Roading
Finance from: $79 p/w*
Upfront from: $16,899
Tare: 1100kg
GTM: 2000kg
(l) 4000 x (w) 1800
x (h) 1400

The Warrior S3

The Ultimate Off-Road Camper
Finance from: $105 p/w*
Upfront from: $22,399
Tare: 1390kg
GTM: 2000kg
(l) 4700 x (w) 1800
x (h) 1500

What to Consider

The Warrior S3 Camper Trailer - Internal View of Main Tent Area and Sleeping Area

But is a soft floor camper right for you and your family? There’s a couple of questions you need to ask yourself:

Vinyl floor: Unlike hard floor campers, the floor of the camper when set up will be on the ground. This may limit your selection of camping spots, as you’ll need to ensure it is a suitable surface and clear of rocks, sticks, and anything sharp that can damage the vinyl. So where are you intending on camping?

Getting into bed:  While this may not be a problem for everybody, those with health concerns (bad backs, knees) might have problems climbing up into bed in some soft floor campers. The Step-Through Campers from Platinum like the Warrior and General have steps to get into bed. But the Cadet SE, you will need to climb a ladder to reach the queen-sized bed. 

Setting up and packing up:  In a word is more time-consuming. Not more difficult and can still be completed by just one person. But it will take a bit longer as you do need to hammer all the tent pegs around the camper. At Platinum Campers we have designed our trailers with ease of use in mind – with connected gas struts, the canvas is easily lifted – and usually, it is just another 6-8 tent poles. But – it will never be as quick and as easy as a hard floor camper. 

A larger area needed:  With all that extra floor space – you will need an equally large campsite. Mind you, this isn’t usually an issue if heading to campsites, and caravan sites – but may become an issue if heading off-grid. Just make sure you have enough room to set up, and include enough room for your annex and optional kids room! 

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