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Adventure in Comfort: Soft Floor Campers Designed for the Storage Needs and Space of Large Families

Off-Road Soft Floor Campers for Sale

Embark on an adventure where comfort meets the rugged beauty of the outdoors with Platinum Campers’ soft floor camper trailers. From the moment you set eyes on our range, the expansive, wide-open tent space invites you into a world where the horizon is your backdrop, and the earth beneath your feet is your foundation. Designed with family-sized space and convenience in mind, our trailers offer the perfect blend of luxury and practicality for your family camping trips.

The first thing you will notice about our soft floor camper trailers is their generous living areas. With soft PVC floors, they are the perfect choice for camping on rugged off-road terrains. Unlike hard floor campers that require level ground, our soft floor models embrace the contours of nature, allowing you to set up camp in a variety of landscapes—from the untamed bush to serene beachfronts.

As you step inside, the abundance of storage becomes apparent, making them a fantastic choice for large families and groups who never want to leave a piece of home behind. Whether it’s extra camping gear or toys for the kids, our trailers ensure that everything has its place, so you can focus on making memories rather than sorting through clutter.

Moreover, our soft floor camper trailers are engineered to be lighter than their hard floor counterparts, offering ease of towing and maneuverability. They are perfectly suited for Overlanding, beach camping, bush camping, and more, providing a versatile home base wherever your journey takes you.

At Platinum Campers, we don’t just offer a camper trailer—we provide an experience. Our soft floor models are equipped with more standard inclusions than the competition, ensuring that comfort and luxury are not optional extras, but a fundamental part of your adventure. With us, you’re not just purchasing a camper; you’re unlocking the potential for countless stories and unforgettable family moments.

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Campers in the wild

The Cadet SE - Soft Floor Camper
Soft Floor Camping in the Bush

Soft floor campers have room for the whole family! Big tents and tonnes of storage! 

Large Open Tent Area - The General S3 Camper Trailer - Platinum Campers

Why Choose a Soft Floor Camper?

The Advantages of Soft Floor Campers for Family Trips

Soft floor campers are the quintessential choice for families looking for:

  • Ample Space: With generous tent space, there’s room for everyone to relax and enjoy.
  • Versatile Storage Solutions: Pack all your essentials with room to spare, thanks to intelligent storage options.
  • Natural Insulation: The soft floor design provides a comfortable barrier against the elements, keeping you cozy regardless of the weather.

Large Open Tents

The Warrior S3 Camper Trailer - Large Open Main Tent

Soft floor campers, such as our General and Warrior models, offer a significantly larger tent area than hard floor alternatives. They are designed to comfortably accommodate over six people, making them an excellent choice for family camping trips or group outings. Additionally, each model comes with a fully enclosed annex, providing an extra room for even more space to relax and enjoy.

While setting up a soft floor camper takes a bit more time compared to hard floor, forward fold, rear fold, or even our own dual fold campers, the process is straightforward. The tent is equipped with gas struts for ease of lifting. Once you flip it open, it’s simply a matter of extending the tent fully and securing it with a few stand poles and spreader bars.

Storage Space

The Warrior S3 Camper Trailer - Storage compartments

Storage, storage, storage!

Say goodbye to the packing chaos and hello to the convenience of ample storage with our soft floor camper trailers. The extra storage space in the camper’s body is a boon for large families or groups, especially when you’re on the road for the long haul.

What sets soft floor campers apart is the ease of access to storage compartments even when the camper is neatly packed away. This means you can effortlessly pack for your trip throughout the week without the camper being open. When it’s time to hit the road, you’re all set, and upon returning, you can unpack at your own pace, stress-free. It’s the hassle-free way to manage your camping gear, making every trip a breeze from start to finish.

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The Cadet SE

Ticks all the boxes – Affordable

Save $1300

Finance from: $77 p/w*

Was: $15,899 Now: $14,599

Tare: 1000kg
ATM: 1700kg

(l) 4400 x (w) 1800
x (h) 1400

in stock Ready to Ship

The General S4

For Serious Off-Roading

Save $1500

Finance from: $86 p/w*

Was: $17,899 Now: $16,399

Tare: 1100kg
ATM: 2000kg
(l) 4000 x (w) 1800
x (h) 1400

in stock Ready to Ship

The Warrior S4

The Ultimate Off-Road Camper

Save $1800

Finance from: $113 p/w*

Was: $23,399 Now: $21,599

Tare: 1390kg
ATM: 2000kg
(l) 4700 x (w) 1800
x (h) 1500

What to Consider

Soft Floor vs. Hard Floor Campers: Which is Best for Your Family?

Warrior - Wide Open Tent Space - Soft Floor Camper Trailer

Maximizing Space and Comfort in Soft Floor Designs

Soft floor campers are unparalleled when it comes to space and comfort. They are:

  • Easier to tow due to their lighter weight.
  • More adaptable to uneven terrain, allowing for a wider range of camping locations.
  • Designed with family-friendly layouts that offer privacy and communal areas.
  • Spacious living areas that transform into play spaces for children.
  • Quick and easy setup with gas struts and minimal poles.
  • High-grade canvas for all-weather protection and longevity.

Considering a soft floor camper for your family’s outdoor adventures? Here are some key questions to ask yourself to ensure it’s the perfect match for your camping lifestyle:

Ground Compatibility for Soft Floor Campers: Our soft floor camper trailers offer a close-to-nature experience with a vinyl floor that rests directly on the ground. To ensure the longevity of your camper, it’s crucial to select a campsite that’s free from sharp objects. If you’re faced with a slightly rough terrain, a tarp or similar protective ground cover can be used to safeguard the vinyl. Consider the terrain of your favorite camping spots – are they conducive to a soft floor setup?

Accessibility and Comfort: For those with mobility concerns, accessing the bed in a soft floor camper can be a consideration. Platinum Campers provides innovative solutions like the Warrior and General models, featuring step-through access to make climbing into bed effortless. For the Cadet SE model, a ladder leads you to a comfortable queen-sized bed, ensuring a good night’s sleep under the stars.

Efficiency in Setup and Takedown: While setting up a soft floor camper is straightforward, it does require a bit more time than hard floor models. Our design includes gas struts for easy canvas lifting and a simple pole system, making the setup achievable for one person. Although it’s not as quick as a hard floor setup, the extra space is often worth the effort.

Space Requirements for Camping: The expansive tent space of our soft floor campers means you’ll need a larger campsite, especially if you plan to utilize the annex and optional kids’ room. This is rarely an issue at established campsites and caravan parks, but it’s something to consider when going off-grid.

Choose a soft floor camper from Platinum Campers for an immersive outdoor experience, ensuring you have the space and comfort for your entire family. With our thoughtful designs, you can embrace the great outdoors without compromising on convenience.

FAQs About Choosing the Right Soft Floor Camper for Your Family

The perfect camper for families

Soft floor campers are ideal for families due to their expansive living space, which provides ample room for both sleeping and daytime activities. The flexibility of the space also allows for customization with additional rooms, such as annexes, which can be used for dining, storage, or as extra sleeping quarters. Moreover, the soft floor design typically results in a lighter trailer, making it easier to tow and maneuver.

The Right Size Camper

Balancing size with towing convenience is all about selecting the right camper for your vehicle’s towing capacity and your storage needs. Soft floor campers are generally lighter than hard floor models, offering more space without significantly increasing towing weight. It’s important to check your vehicle’s towing specifications and compare them with the camper’s weight to ensure a safe and comfortable towing experience.

Camper Durability

When assessing camper durability, look for quality construction materials such as high-grade canvas for the tent and corrosion-resistant metals for the frame. Check the quality of the stitching, zippers, and flooring material. 

Ease of Setup

Soft floor campers can be more time-consuming to set up than hard floor models due to their larger size and the need to secure the tent to the ground. However, they are not necessarily harder to set up. Many models can be easily set up with just one person.

Towing Capacity

To determine what your vehicle can tow, you should consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find the maximum towing capacity. This figure represents the total weight your vehicle can safely tow. It’s important to consider both the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) of the camper trailer, which is the total weight of the trailer when carrying its maximum load, and the Tow Ball Mass (TBM), which is the weight applied directly to the tow ball of your vehicle. Ensure that the combined weight of the trailer and its load does not exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity. Additionally, consider any additional towing equipment you may need, such as a brake controller or towing mirrors, for safe and legal towing. To find the towing capacity of your vehicle you can search online or check your user manual. 

Setup Time

The setup time for a soft floor camper trailer can vary depending on the model and your familiarity with the process. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes setting up the camper. With practice and a little teamwork, this time can be reduced.


Are they any good?

Soft floor campers are an excellent choice for those who prioritize space and versatility in their camping experience. They offer a closer connection to the natural environment, often come with extensive living and storage areas, and can be a more affordable option compared to hard floor campers. They are particularly good for longer camping trips and for families who need the extra room.


Fixing Soft Floor Campers

Yes, a soft floor in a camper can be repaired if it becomes damaged. Minor cuts or abrasions can be patched up with repair kits designed for the material.


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