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Welcome to the Camper Trailer Knowledge Base

Welcome to the ultimate knowledge base for conquering the great outdoors with your beloved camper! At Platinum, we don’t just want you to have an amazing camping experience, we want you to have an epic one! That’s why we’ve created this collection of articles, how to guides and more to help you get the most out of your investment and keep your camper in tip-top shape. Think of it as your own personal guide to mastering the art of camping like a pro! So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie to the game, we’ve got the insider tips and tricks to help you level up your camping game and take on any adventure with confidence. Let’s get wild!

Shopping for a new camper?

We understand that selecting the right camper can be a daunting task, so we’re here to help with a wealth of resources to guide you along the way. Check out our Camper Trailer Weight and Towing Jargon article for a quick dive into the world of towing, this will also help you to determine your towing capacity. Next, have a read of our Camper Trailer Buyer’s Guide, it is packed with insider tips and practical advice on finding the perfect camper match for you and your family. Lastly, if you are thinking of a second-hand camper, our guide on buying a used camper is full of great insights to help make sure you don’t get stuck with somebody else’s problem. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Buyer FAQ's

It’s great to hear that you’re interested in getting your hands on our campers! If you’re located in Brisbane (or can get here), you’re in luck as you can pick up your order for free.

However, if you’re situated elsewhere, we’ll need to get your camper trailer shipped out to you, and this will come with fee.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got a full list of delivery charges for you to check out before making any decisions.

Just head over to our shipping charges page to take a look. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions!

We want to help you plan your adventure with no hidden surprises. Please note that our website prices do not include registration expenses. If you are a resident of beautiful Queensland, we have great news for you! We can provide you with a full 12-month registration of your future camper for an additional cost of $250.

If you live in a different state, please don’t worry! We will happily send your camper to you, however you will have to arrange the registration. (it is a very easy straightforward process in most states)

You can take your receipt to the transport department in your state and let them handle the rest. Ready to hit the road and explore this amazing country? We’re here to help!

Platinum Campers offers a variety of camper trailers including soft floor, hard floor, and hybrid models. Each type has its own benefits, tailored to different travel needs. Explore our range of camper trailers.

The right size depends on your family’s needs and travel plans. Soft floor trailers offer more living space, ideal for larger families, while hard floor trailers are compact and quick to set up, perfect for couples or small families. Hybrids provide a blend of both. Learn more about choosing the right camper.

Prices range from $14,599 for entry-level models to $49,999 for luxury hybrid campers. Each model offers different features and amenities to suit various budgets. Check out our latest deals and prices.

We offer flexible payment plans through partnerships with over 30 finance companies, ensuring you find the best option for your budget. Learn more about our financing options.

Hard floor trailers are easier to set up, offer better protection, and are more durable. Soft floor trailers provide more living space and storage, making them ideal for larger families or groups. Discover the differences.

Hybrids combine the luxury of a caravan with the off-road capability of a camper trailer. They offer comfortable living quarters with advanced amenities while being able to handle rugged terrain. Explore our hybrid camper.

Just bought a new Platinum Camper
What now?

We are thrilled to welcome you to our Platinum Family! Congratulations on your new camper – what an exciting time! Before your pickup, we just wanted to share some helpful tips to make sure you have everything covered. Firstly, you might want to check out the recommended accessories for your camper trailer. Secondly, take some time to get to know your power management system and the power requirements you’ll need. Lastly, be sure to check out our “Day 1 with Your New Camper” guide which outlines some quick and essential steps you’ll need to take on pickup day. We can’t wait to see you hit the road with your new camper – Happy Camping!

Camper FAQ's

We do not recommend the use of a regular thickness inner spring mattress with our campers. The maximum limit of a standard trailer is 120mm thick. The current mattress is 80mm so this doesn’t leave a lot of leeway. When folding the camper closed – this will create a lot of pressure and can lead to the camper not closing properly – This can lead to water getting inside your camper when closed. (Nobody likes a wet bed!) 

Having said this – you do have options. 

1) As a first step – try using a good quality mattress topper, we find this works well and is a good option for most customers. 

2) You can use good quality inflatable mattresses. They have come a long way over the years – and current ones are very comfortable to sleep on – and since you can deflate them – thickness is not an issue. 

3) Use a better-quality foam mattress. Foam mattresses come in a number of thicknesses and qualities. You can buy high quality memory foam mattresses from places like Clark Rubber. 

4) After some research we have found that there are a few mattress manufacturers in Australia who do make a custom camper trailer pocket spring mattress which are nearly as good as a home mattress. But they are expensive. So it is worth calling around to see who currently has the best price. 

12 inch hubs – • 25580 & 25520 Inner Bearings / • 15123 & 15245 Outer Bearings 

10 inch hubs – • 68110 & 68149 Inner Bearing / • LM12710 & LM12749 Outer Bearing

The Knowledge Base

Learn about your camper trailer

We understand that your new camper is it is not only an amazing opportunity for unforgettable outdoor adventures, but also an investment that you want to take care of. To make sure that your camper provides you with optimal experiences for many years to come, we have put together an extensive collection of articles and videos for you to explore. These helpful resources are designed to guide you on how to get the most out of your new camper and educate you on how to take proper care of it. This will ensure that you are well-prepared for any situation and that you gain maximum value from your investment. Whether you prefer to learn by reading informative articles or by watching captivating videos, we have something for everyone. So, grab a seat, relax and let us help you make the best of your new camper!

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