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Platinum Campers & Off-Road Hybrids stock a large range of off-road, all-terrain camper trailers & hybrid campers to fit any budget. Designed in Australia for our tough conditions and backed with a 5-year structural warranty, our campers are ready to join you on your next adventure. Whether this is your first camper trailer or you’re a seasoned camper, our team will be happy to help you out in any way we can. Not sure where to start? Check out our buyer’s guide for some helpful tips picking your new camper.

Camper Trailers Buys Guide

Camper Trailer Buyer's Guide

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Soft Floor Camper Trailers

Typically weighing hundreds of kilos less than hard floors, Soft Floor Camper Trailers have a PVC covering which is similar to tent floor making them much lighter. This makes Soft Floor Camper Trailers perfect for overlanding, towing on the beach and are perfect for adventure in Australia, without burning through fuel while also offering decent interior storage space and plenty of tent area. Soft floor camper trailers available from Platinum Campers never compromise on comfort or luxury – discover our range and see what we can do for you!

The Cadet SE

Ticks all the boxes – Affordable
Finance from: $72 p/w*
Upfront from: $15,899
Tare: 1000kg
GTM: 2000kg
(l) 4300 x (w) 1800 x (h) 1400

The General S4

For Serious Off-Roading
Finance from: $82 p/w*
Upfront from: $17,899
Tare: 1100kg
GTM: 2000kg
(l) 4300 x (w) 1800 x (h) 1400

The Warrior S4

The Ultimate Off-Road Camper
Finance from: $107 p/w*
Upfront from: $23,399
Tare: 1390kg
GTM: 2000kg
(l) 5200 x (w) 1800
x (h) 1500

Hard Floor Camper Trailers

Hard floor camper trailers are easy to set up and look amazing. With the help of a handy winch – you will be completely set up in little more than 10 minutes, relaxing with a cup of coffee with access to some of the essential creature comforts that you’d normally only enjoy at home or in a caravan. Perfect for small families, groups, and couples. Plus the hardtop/floor means you can easily install optional racks to bring your tinnie with you!

The Chase S4

Lightweight – Setup in Minutes
Finance from: $65 p/w*
Upfront from: $14,399
Tare: 900kg
GTM: 1500kg
(l) 4000 x (w) 1800 x (h) 1400

The Quest S4

Great for those who want more
Finance from: $83 p/w*
Upfront from: $18,399
Tare: 1100kg
GTM: 2000kg
(l) 4300 x (w) 1800 x (h) 1400

The Discovery S4

Forward Fold Comfort
Finance from: $95 p/w*
Upfront from: $20,899
Tare: 1200kg GTM: 2000kg
(l) 4600 x (w) 1800 x (h) 1400

The Chariot S4

Totally Unique Design & Layout
Finance from: $104 p/w*
Upfront from: $22,899
Tare: 1300kg GTM: 2000kg
(l) 4600 x (w) 1800 x (h) 1400

Why Platinum

Platinum Campers specialises in camper trailers – it’s what we do! Designed from the ground up in Australia for Australian conditions. We work alongside over 30 finance companies to provide you, the customer the best rates on the market, and make it easier to get approved.

5 Year Structural Warranty

Rest assured your Camper is quality made with a 5 year structural warranty.

2 Year Canvas Warranty

All of our canvas, including annexes are covered by a 2 year limited warranty.

12 Month Component Warranty

All electrical components and fittings are covered by a 12 month warranty,

Australian Designed

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

The Commander Hybrid Camper Trailer

The Commander Hybrid

The Ultimate Hybrid Off-Road Camper Trailer​
Finance from: $218 p/w*
Upfront from: $49,499
The Commander is truly the ultimate camper trailer. With heavy duty independent off-road suspension with twin shock absorbers this Hybrid will go wherever you wan to go with all the luxuries of home.
Tare: 2300kg
GTM: 2700kg
(l) 6300 x (w) 2300
x (h) 3200 (with Aircon)
x (h) 2800 (without Aircon)

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