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Effortless Exploration: Hard Floor Campers for Quick Setup and Comfort for Couples and Small Families

Off-Road Hard Floor Campers Trailers for sale

Dive into the great outdoors with Platinum Campers’ hard floor camper trailers, where swift setup meets enduring comfort. Our selection shines with its rapid transformation from a compact trailer to a spacious basecamp, perfect for adventurers who value efficiency and ease.

With our hard floor campers, you’ll appreciate the immediate readiness upon arrival. Unlike soft floor models, there’s no need to navigate the contours of the ground beneath—our hard floors provide a solid, level surface from the get-go, ideal for those who prefer a quick and clean setup in any environment.

Tailored for couples and small families, these campers offer a snug, secure space that’s easy to manage and built to last. They stand up to the elements with a resilience that soft floor campers can’t match, ensuring your investment endures through countless excursions.

Check out our range of rear fold campers like the Chase and Quest, the forward fold Discovery, and the unique double-fold Chariot Camper, each crafted for straightforward enjoyment and long-term durability. While soft floor campers may offer more space, our hard floor models prioritize time—less of it spent setting up camp, and more for savoring the wilderness.

At Platinum Campers, we pride ourselves on providing quality as a standard, not an extra. Our hard floor campers come equipped with features that make each outing as comfortable as it is memorable.

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Hard Floor Campers are perfect for those quick overnight stops. Plus your best mates can tag along!

The Dream Setup - Camping in a Hard Floor

Why Choose a Hard Floor Camper?

The Advantages of Hard Floor Campers for Couples

Hard floor campers are the ideal solution for couples or small families who value:

  • Speedy Setups: Unfold and secure in a snap, giving you more time to unwind or explore.
  • Durable Design: Engineered for endurance, our campers offer steadfast stability and long-term reliability.
  • Compact Efficiency: Enjoy the simplicity of less with a design that maximizes space without the bulk.

Easy Set Up

Camper Trailer Winch - The Chase

In search of a camper that goes from packed to setup in no time at all? Look no further than our hard floor campers. Renowned for their simplicity, these campers eclipse the setup time of traditional soft floor models, offering unparalleled convenience for the spontaneous adventurer. For example, the Chase can be setup in less than 4 minutes! 

With a design that’s as smart as it is functional, the hard floor camper’s setup is a breeze. Release the latch, engage the winch, and watch as the floor lowers into place, with the tent effortlessly expanding into your living space. A couple of quick additions with the tent poles, and your sanctuary is ready to welcome you. It’s camping made clever, designed for those who’d rather spend their time basking in the great outdoors than wrestling with their gear.

Comfort & Convienence

The Discovery S3 Camper Trailer - Internal Seating Area

Embrace the ease and simplicity of hard floor camping, where setup is quick, easy and fast and comfort is king. Our hard floor campers offer a seamless transition from travel to relaxation, with their elevated design ensuring you stay dry and comfortable, no matter the terrain or weather.

The Discovery and Chariot models redefine convenience with their built-in dining areas that transform into additional sleeping quarters, complete with entertainment systems for those relaxing nights in. These campers are designed not just for couples but also for families, thanks to the Chariot’s unique double fold-out design that comfortably sleeps six.

With Platinum Campers, you’re not just choosing a camper; you’re choosing a smarter, more efficient way to explore the great outdoors.

Ready in 5-6 Weeks

The Chase S5

Lightweight – Setup in Minutes
Finance from: $69 p/w*
Upfront from: $14,399
Tare: 900kg
ATM: 1500kg
(l) 4000 x (w) 1800
x (h) 1400

in stock Ready to Ship

The Quest S4

Great for those who want more
Finance from: $89 p/w*
Upfront from: $18,399
Tare: 1100kg
ATM: 2000kg
(l) 4300 x (w) 1800
x (h) 1400

in stock Ready to Ship

The Discovery S4

Forward Fold Comfort

Save $1700

Finance from: $101 p/w*

Was: $20,899 Now: $19,199

Tare: 1100kg
ATM: 2000kg
(l) 4600 x (w) 1900
x (h) 1400

in stock Ready to Ship!

The Chariot S4

Totally Unique Design & Layout

Save $1800

Finance from: $110 p/w*

Was: $22,899 Now: $21,099

Tare: 1200kg
ATM: 2000kg
(l) 4600 x (w) 1900
x (h) 1400

What to Consider

Hard Floor vs. Soft Floor Campers: Which is Best for You?

Hard Floor Campers: The Ideal Blend of Convenience and Comfort

When it comes to balancing ease of use with a comfortable camping experience, hard floor campers are a standout choice. They offer:

  • Quick and effortless setup with a hard-wearing floor that flips into place.
  • Elevated sleeping quarters, keeping you dry and comfortable off the ground.
  • Compact design that’s easy to tow and maneuver, even for novice campers.
  • Streamlined storage solutions, allowing you to pack smart and access essentials quickly.
  • Robust construction with high-grade materials for all-weather resilience.

Considering a hard floor camper for your outdoor excursions? Reflect on these considerations to determine if it aligns with your camping preferences:

Terrain Versatility for Hard Floor Campers: Our hard floor models are designed to handle a variety of landscapes with ease. The elevated design means you’re prepared for any weather, with water runoff and ventilation built-in. While they prefer level ground for optimal setup, their sturdiness makes them suitable for many environments. Think about where you’ll be camping – do these locations cater to the hard floor camper’s design?

Ease of Access and Setup: Hard floor campers are synonymous with convenience. The setup is a breeze, thanks to the flip-over design that’s often assisted by gas struts or winches. This means less time spent on setup and more on enjoying your destination. For those who value quick transitions from travel to relaxation, a hard floor camper is an excellent choice.

Space Efficiency and Living Experience: While hard floor campers may not offer the same expansive tent space or storage as soft floor models, they excel in efficient use of space. The interior is thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and functionality, providing cozy sleeping areas and convertible spaces for dining and leisure. Consider your space needs – do you prefer a more compact, easy-to-manage living area?

Maintenance and Longevity: Hard floor campers are built to last. Their design minimizes direct contact with the ground, reducing wear and tear from moisture and soil. This means less maintenance over time and a longer lifespan for your camper. When considering a hard floor camper, think about the long-term benefits – are you looking for a camping solution that will stand the test of time and adventure?

Choose a hard floor camper from Platinum Campers when you desire a fuss-free setup, durable accommodation, and a comfortable retreat after a day of adventure. Our hard floor campers are engineered for those who want to blend the simplicity of camping with the comforts of home.”

FAQs About Choosing the Right Hard Floor Camper for You

The Main Benefits

Hard floor campers from Platinum Campers offer convenience with quick setup and pack down, durability for various terrains, and a cozy, elevated living space that’s easy to maintain.

Quickest Setup Campers

Our hard floor campers are designed for efficiency, with models like the Chase setting up in less than 4 minutes, thanks to the flip-over design assisted by gas struts or winches. All of our models can be opened in less than 10 minutes!

Hard Floor for Families?

While they are a popular choice for couples or smaller families, if you have 4 kids or, usually have people tag along on trips – it might be better to look at a soft floor camper trailers

However – Our Chariot double fold camper provides ample space and comfort, a true 6 sleeper hard floor (Without using the annex) making it suitable for larger groups as well.

Camper Maintenance

They require regular mechanical maintenance like all vehicles – however when compared with a soft floor – There is maintenance overall due to their elevated design, which keeps the living space off the ground. Regular checks and basic care can extend their lifespan even further. Here is a guide on how to look after your new camper

Towing Capacity

To determine what your vehicle can tow, you should consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find the maximum towing capacity. This figure represents the total weight your vehicle can safely tow. It’s important to consider both the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) of the camper trailer, which is the total weight of the trailer when carrying its maximum load, and the Tow Ball Mass (TBM), which is the weight applied directly to the tow ball of your vehicle. Ensure that the combined weight of the trailer and its load does not exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity. Additionally, consider any additional towing equipment you may need, such as a brake controller or towing mirrors, for safe and legal towing. To find the towing capacity of your vehicle you can search online or check your user manual. 

Are Hard Floors Good?

Platinum Campers’ hard floor models are excellent for quick setup, durability, and comfort, offering a solid structure that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Difference between Haard & Soft Floors

Hard floor campers have a rigid floor and are quicker to set up, ideal for frequent moves. Soft floor campers have a more traditional camping feel with a larger living space, suitable for longer stays.

What’s a Hard Top?

A Hard Top Camper, synonymous with hard floor campers, features a hard roof that becomes the floor when opened, providing a secure, weatherproof top when traveling and a solid, insulated floor for camping.


Platinum Camper Trailers have a large range of on-road and off-road hard floor camper trailers for sale in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville, Perth and can deliver to the rest of Australia. Still have questions, or looking to take the next step? Send us a message, give us a call or enquire at one of our 5 showrooms around the country

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