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Platinum Campers warrants that, subject to the limitations and exclusions below, all parts of our manufacture or assembly of the Camper Trailer are free from defects in material and workmanship for different periods. Chassis and drawbar 5 years, Canvas Warranty 2 years, 1 year Trailer, some exclusions please read below in full.

Warranty starts from date of collection of your camper, not date of purchase.

Zips, seams, mesh, canvas, etc. are covered in the case of faulty manufacture as part of the trailer, but not in the case of accidental damage, wear and tear or misuse and abuse. 

From the date of purchase any shortcomings in the original material or manufacture will be corrected without charge to the original purchaser for parts and labour incurred in that rectification. If the work under this warranty is required, the owner should immediately contact the closest authorized Branch or Distributor to where the unit is located or the selling distributor to make arrangements for the repairs.  All repairs must be authorized by Platinum Campers.  No claims will be reimbursed for repairs carried out without pre-approval from Platinum Campers. Written quote for any repair may be requested.

The warranty is not transferable to a subsequent purchase if the Camper Trailers is sold by the original purchase during the warranty period.

Your Platinum Camper Trailer comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.  The benefits within our Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies and the Australian Consumer Law in relation to this product.


  • Accident, Fair wear and tear, Misuse, neglect or abuse, Storm damage or other acts of Nature, Unauthorized repairs made or attempted.

Should a warranty claim become necessary during the warranty period then the product must be return to the place of purchase or the nearest Platinum Campers authorized dealer.

This warranty does not cover costs associated with transport or recovery of the camper.  If a claim is made under warranty it is your responsibility to bring the trailer back to an Platinum Campers dealer for a full assessment. Platinum Campers will always strive to fix any issues by sending replacement parts for the customer to fit themselves (when possible) or to a local mechanic, as a first option where a customer lives far away from an Platinum Campers Dealership. Platinum Campers does not offer in anyway road side assistance, it is customers responsibility to have this in place at own cost.

The warranty covers the original Camper Trailer owner only.


Appliances and equipment which are not manufactured or supplied by Platinum Campers (for example, a refrigerator, freezer solar panels or customer modifications) such items have their own manufacturer warranty terms and conditions.

Tyres, Rims, Wheel Nuts and Wheel bearings are not covered under this warranty, see below.

Any defect resulting from overloading, misuse, negligence, accident or other cause beyond the direct control of Platinum Campers. Any defect resulting from fitting or installation of any accessories or options such as altered tool box or other items after the camper trailer has left the premises of Platinum Campers.

Any rectification or other work required due to alterations in Local, State or Federal legislation which occurs after manufacture of the recreational vehicle.

Any consequential damages or repair work necessitated due to continued usage or towing after a defect has, or should have, become apparent to the purchaser or user.


Customer is responsible for checking bearings, wheel nuts, nuts, locks, latches, bolts on all moving parts including Trailing Arm Adjustment Bolts, this is recommended to be done in first instant when purchased within the first 20kms, 100km, 250km, and ongoing before any future travels or trips, including during every 150km, this is recommended where possible to be done with a Torque Wench at Alloy 140Nm, Steel (White) 150Nm

NOTE:  This manufacturer warranty does not cover general consumable parts of the Camper Trailer and rust on any unpainted surfaces of the trailer or any of items components (e.g. axles, springs, couplings and jockey wheels)

TRANSIT:  Platinum Campers is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage to any goods in transit, when the shipping is booked by a third party.


Tents are guaranteed to be in a new merchantable condition at the time of purchase. Unless otherwise stated.

General wear and tear are exempted from the warranty.  Mould, Zips, and mesh or screens are not covered under warranty for misuse tear and wear. Canvas seams and stitching must be treated with beeswax every 10-12 months to comply with the 24-month canvas warranty, photos can be mailed or emailed.

The tent must be seasoned when first purchased (see below instructions), and we recommend doing this every 6 months to uphold the integrity of the canvas within the first 24 months for warranty.

The tent Must not be over tighten as this can cause stretching and also potential tearing of the canvas which is not covered by warranty. When packing up campers you must ensure that it is correctly tucked in to not cause any wear and tears on moving parts or closing mechanisms.

Hard floors should only be opened and closed by the winching system provided to stop any over-stretching of the canvas that causes rips in the tent.

All Gas BBQ/Burner are not self-igniting, when first igniting you need to hold on igniting until flame becomes hot.
Please only ignite in a fully ventilated area, this does include canvas walls obstructing the BBQ/Burner.
Please ensure your fire extinguisher is within reach when in use, in case of fire.

Inverters / Chargers
Please ensure you do not plug any item into the charger or inverter that is oversized for the inverter or charger. Ensure the item you are plugging in is safe from any defects, if in doubt do not plug in and seek advice from a licensed electrician before using.

Weathering new tents

Most manufacturers will claim their tents don’t need to be weathered as they want to say their tents are waterproof, straight out the box.  However, years of experience have taught us that following a simple weathering process on a new tent will ensure no leaks on the first few uses.

Weathering your tent, Setup the tent completely including any annexes or kids rooms, Allow it to get wet and air dry naturally, If you can leave it up in your garden until it rains, this is the easiest way to get it wet.  If it’s dry, get out the garden hose and soak for 15 minutes.  Allow to dry, and then repeat once or twice more.

Canopies / Trays / Toolboxes

12 month Warranty, any external holes drilled will not be covered by warranty, rubber seals are not covers by warranty, fair wear tear applies as above, any modifications or prior repair work not made by us can void warranty. Gas Structs are covered for 6 months, This warranty does not apply to defects or faults caused by misuse or abuse, accident, incorrect or improper installation, extreme weather, modification or lack of proper maintenance, If a fault or defect arises during the product warranty period, the product needs to be returned to Titanium Trailers or Platinum Campers with original proof of purchases. Off-road/corrugated use is not covered by Warranty, Platinum will be not responsible for any expenses related to this return. If the product is examined and deemed to be faulty or defective due to material or workmanship, Oxidization, Condensation or visible marks internally or externally are not covered by warranty, The owners responsibility to check and make sure all seals are working correctly and sealed from water leakage. **Flat Finished products we can not guarantee there is no marks or scratches on the canopies, under tray boxes and dog boxes, there is not price difference for this reason

Tray Fitting: Any sensors for parking are not reinstalled, Camera will be remounted, Any blind spot sensors moved will incur charge, some cases the rear bar will stay on for sensors to work. You are responsible any costs or requirements for calibration or error codes after the tray is installed

Titanium Products (see terms and conditons on
In first instance repair the product if valid claim is approved, if an exchange the product is decided as the best solution by Titanium, Titanium will pick a similar condition or performance at its own discretion as a replacement

Powder coating is not covered by warranty as this is completed by a third party, any warranty work that needs to be completed by Titanium/Platinum on anything internal or external that requires powder coating to be completed again, is at the owners cost, this will be discussed prior to any works being preformed 

Note – Check the inside for small patches of water especially around the seams and make sure it is dry before packing away. Some people naturally allow their tent to weather on their first (wet) trip away.  You can sleep in modern tents quite happily, but prepare for some slight leakage along seams the first 2 or 3 times it gets wet.

Shipping / Transport: All parts, canopies & fridge shipping and transport is requested at your OWN risk, no insurance is included for damages of good, trailers or likewise or do we take any liability for goods damaged in transit or during transit process, we recommend you take your own transit insurance

Refund & Pricing
Upon ordering, any deposit made is non refundable for change of mind, cancellation, or delays. 30% fee will be charged on the total order value for any cancelled order including custom made products. Platinum Campers reserves the rights to any refund it may choice to accept outside of this policy on a case by case. Pricing can change when a order is over 30+ days old and the increase in pricing can be added to the order if exceeding of this is due to customer delay in collection

Voiding of Warranty – Platinum Campers & its agents do its best to give the best service possible regarding in issue of warranty in which we reverse the right to void any warranty if any deamination occurs on social media, or any other forms of publication Any issues need to be emailed to directly to be addressed. All service issues and warranty will be addressed through this service.

All Warranty Claims must be entered online please allow up to 5 business days for all claims to be accessed in full, please provide photos of any issues to help with this decision.

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