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Comparing the Chase S5 vs. Quest S4

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When planning a camping adventure with your family, finding the ideal camper trailer is crucial. The Chase S5 and Quest S4 hard floor camper trailers are two popular choices, offering varying benefits for different needs. In this post, we’ll compare the two models, highlighting the features and unique benefits that set them apart, so you can make an informed choice for your next adventure.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Chase S5: (L) 4000 mm x (w) 1800 mm x (h) 1400 mm | Tare: 900 kg | ATM: 1500 kg
  • Quest S4: (L) 4300 mm x (w) 1800 mm x (h) 1400 mm | Tare: 1100 kg | ATM: 2000 kg

The Quest S4 is larger and heavier than the Chase S5, offering increased storage and carrying capacity, which translates to more room for gear and essentials, making it ideal for longer journeys and larger families. However, this also requires vehicles with a higher towing capacity. One of the key benefits of the Chase S5 is that it can be towed by lightweight SUVs or vehicles with a towing capacity below 2000 kg. For many people, this can make the difference between investing in a camper trailer and not.

Chase S5

Side on view of Chase S5 Setup

Quest S4

The Quest Closer Up

Kitchen Setup:

  • Chase S5: Features a kitchen area with a sink and two drawers. Though it lacks an inbuilt cooker, it comes with a portable 2-burner BBQ that’s positioned close to the gas bottle for easy cooking.
  • Quest S4: Offers a fully equipped kitchen with a sink, two drawers, and an inbuilt 4-burner gas cooker, all conveniently plumbed for seamless meal prep.

The Quest S4’s full kitchen setup provides greater convenience for preparing meals on the road. However, some customers prefer not having an inbuilt cooker, as the extra bench space allows for using a portable BBQ or Weber Q on a separate table. This versatile approach to cooking lets you customize the setup to suit your family’s culinary needs.

Chase S5

Companion - 2 Burner BBQ on Kitchen Slide Second View

Quest S4

Suspension System:

  • Chase S5: Comes with a 7-leaf eye-to-eye suspension and a 50mm solid axle.
  • Quest S4: Features dual shock independent suspension, trailing arm, and coil springs.

While the Quest S4’s advanced suspension provides superior off-road capability and a smoother ride over rough terrain, the Chase S5 can still handle off-road travel. The key is to take things slower and use common sense, which can keep your journey safe and enjoyable.

Chase S5

7 leaf Suspension

Quest S4

Quest - Dual Shock Independant Suspension

Main Tent & Annex:

Both the Chase S5 and Quest S4 offer the same main tent layout, but the Quest S4 features an extra canvas section extending over the fridge slide, increasing the annex size. This extended canvas serves to keep your fridge cooler while allowing a refreshing breeze to flow over your bed. The additional covered outdoor space provides extra protection from the elements and lets you enjoy a sheltered spot to relax and unwind.

Chase S5

Chase S5 - Setup with Annex - Rerar Fold Camper Trailer

Quest S4

Front Toolbox Area:

  • Chase S5: Small front toolbox that accommodates a 65L fridge, optionally powered.
  • Quest S4: Large front toolbox with a fridge slide that fits a 95L fridge. It also includes a storage box and a covered gas bottle/jerry can holder.

The Quest S4’s larger storage setup provides extra room and convenience, making it perfect for families needing more fridge capacity and storage options.

Chase S5

The Chase S5 - Rear fold Camper Trailer Spare Wheel

Quest S4


  • Chase S5: Does not include a stereo.
  • Quest S4: Comes with a stereo system and two speakers, enhancing your camping entertainment.

Chase S5

The Queen Sized bed and under bed storage

Quest S4

Quest - Bluetooth Stereo

Additional Features:

  • The Quest S4 comes with a tropical cover for added insulation and upgraded off-road wheels for better performance.
  • The Chase S5 remains a lightweight, simpler option that’s easier to tow and maneuver.

Final Thoughts:

The Quest S4 and Chase S5 cater to different camping styles. The Quest S4 offers comprehensive features, ample storage, and robust off-road capability, making it perfect for longer family adventures. Its upgraded suspension, stereo system, and larger front toolbox with a fridge slide offer superior convenience and functionality. The extra canvas over the toolbox extends the annex area, providing more covered outdoor space for dining, relaxation, or playtime.

Meanwhile, the Chase S5 is a more compact and lightweight option, appealing to couples and small families who prioritize maneuverability and need a camper that’s towable by lightweight SUVs. Its setup is faster than the Quest S4, as you don’t need to set up the front canvas over the toolbox. This makes it ideal for those looking for a simple yet versatile camper trailer that doesn’t require high towing capacity.

Both the Chase S5 and Quest S4 are ideal for couples and smaller families, especially with the optional kids’ room add-on. Understanding the specific differences between them will help you select the camper trailer that best matches your family’s travel style and adventure aspirations. Whether you’re seeking the compact efficiency of the Chase or the feature-rich versatility of the Quest, both models offer excellent camping experiences designed to bring families closer together on the road.


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