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Meeting Saltbush at
The Lone Camel Bush Camp


Lone Camel

Bush Camp

Meeting Saltbush @Lone Camel

This was a great trip away from the office! Nathan Price from had given us a call earlier in the week, and asked if we would like to come out for a day and answer some questions about the Camper trailer industry in general. How could we say no, what a great opportunity to take out the Chase, put it through its paces at a 4×4 Only campground, and to check out a local campsite, that I personally hadn’t been to yet. Saltbush is an outdoor media company specialising in Outdoor news, and stories from around Australia. 

While here exploring Lone Camel, Nathan asked me a few questions about the industry, and what we as a business have noticed changing since covid. But before we get into that – Let’s check out the camp site. 


The Lone Camel

Bush Camp

This is an awesome campground situated only 45 minutes from Brisbane city. You will need a 4WD Vehicle as this location is not suitable for cars. While you can take your camper trailer – Caravans are a no go. It’s a little tough to find – so make sure you get directions from the owners. 

It appears this place is currently not available. Will update if we hear anything.

Biggest Trends


Nathan asked me, “What have you noticed changing in regards to customers’ needs and wants?” And for me, I think the most notable thing I have noticed is people’s power needs are growing! Lithium battery upgrades, 240v fitouts are becoming more and more popular. 

How Camper Trailers

Are Made

Nathan asked me, “What’s your build process, and how does it differ from others in the industry?” This is a great question. The Camper trailer industry is essentially made up of 3 styles of manufacturing for camper trailers. (Does this cover every manufacturer in the industry, no! There are more methods, these are just the most common). 

Why Don't You

Go to Show?

This question is one we get asked a lot, “Why haven’t I seen you guys are a camp show?” For us, it is a couple of reasons. With demand as high as it currently is, it is difficult for us to maintain a full showroom and visit a show at the same time. We would have to gut our showrooms to go to a show, and right now, we have decided against that. The logistics involved are a nightmare – and hey – entry to a showroom is free! We also now have been selling a lot online and over the phone with virtual tours etc. We hope to head back to shows soon when things calm down a little. 🙂 

Images from

Lone Camel

Some images of the Chase S4 out on the trails at Lone Camel Bush Camp Ground

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