New Gas Fittings LCC27

New LPG Gas Bottle Fittings have arrived

Here's what you need to know.

LCC27 fittings have improved safety features

LPG cylinders will be coming out soon with a new fitting called a LCC27. There’s a good chance that your current gas bottles use a Type 21 or POL connection.

LCC27 fittings offer improved safety features, including an easy-to-use right-hand threaded external ACME connection, and a back check valve that must be engaged before gas can flow. In addition, there is a thermal cut-out on the LCC27 appliance connection.

LCC27 Connector LPG Gas Fitting Drawing
LCC27 Connector LPG Gas Fitting
POL Connector LPG Gas Fitting Drawing
POL Connector LPG Gas Fitting

What you Need to know about the new Gas Fittings

Do I need an Adaptor?

The new gas regulations state that you cannot use an adaptor with the new LCC27 gas fittings. However – the new bottles are backwards compatible to appliances with POL connections – so you won’t need an adaptor anyway. You will not need to change anything to use the new gas bottles with your current appliances (Your BBQ will still work!) 

However – New appliances, like camper trailers from now will have the new LCC27 gas connection. And these are not backwards compatible with your old gas bottles. So, if purchasing a gas appliances (including camper trailers) from now, you will need to get the new bottle. 

POL connection phasing out

Over the next 10 years, the LCC27 will take over from the POL Connection across the board. Leisure gas cylinders have a 10 year test cycle, so by 2031 – you will find the LCC27 is the main bottle in use. 

Still safe to use?

Yes, your current gas appliances with a POL connection are still safe and reliable for use, and will still plug into the new bottles. So on your next swap – look out for the new bottle and get yourself future proofed! 

LCC27 valve to LCC27 appliance
LECC27 Valve to POL appliance
Pol Valve to Pol Appliance
Pol Valve to LCC27 appliance

The New LCC27 LPG Gas Cylinder Fittings for Australia

Here’s a quick video from Platinum Campers explaining everything you need to know about the new gas fittings.