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12V 160W Folding Mono Solar Panel


The 160W Solar Panel is a handy, portable device that’s ideal for camping, caravanning, RVing, and most outdoor activities. It’s designed with German standard monocrystalline cells that guarantee you an effective output.

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Nothing beats the eco-friendly, flexible support of solar power when you’re on the road in a camper trailer. And this 160W Folding Solar Panel is perfect to deliver that power while your off grid. This portable solar panel is made with an aluminium frame which is lightweight, durable, and reliable. You can set it up on an uneven surface with the folding support legs, and it folds up small for easy transport when you’re ready to hit the road again. Monocrystalline panels are space-efficient and have a long lifespan. Monocrystalline solar panels have the highest efficiency rates because they are made out of the highest-grade silicon, and this kit folds up quickly when you’re packing down at the end of the day. The kit includes a 2-meter lead with Anderson plug fitting perfect for your new Platinum Camper. The solar panel is made from high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells. This means that it is designed to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight, so you have a reliable power source throughout your camping trip. You do not have to worry about not being able to charge your gadgets during cloudy days, because the solar panel can still generate power. 12V Monocrystalline Folding Solar Panel Grade A Solar Cell German Certified by TUV,CEC,ISO,etc More Than 17% Conversion Efficiency Could Resist Natural Disasters Hevy-duty Handle and Dust Cover,you can carry it to anywhere you want to go. The panel is constructed solidly and with Corner Protectors so as not to damage it when moving. U-shape bracket, it’s able to support itself and have stability on uneven surfaces, in strong winds, and tough weather conditions.

Max Output: 160W
Max Voltage: 18.2 V
Max Current: 18.6A
Short-Circuit Current: 17.5A
Open Circuit Voltage: 22.3A
Temperature Range: -40°C – 85°C
Folded Size: 675*1020*70mm
What’s Included
1x Solar Panel Folding Kit
1x 2m Cable with Alligator Clips
1x Anderson Plug
1x MPPT Controller

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