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elecbrakes Trailer Mounted Brake Controller


Elecbrakes is a trailer mounted solution that allows flexibility to tow your trailer with any capable tow vehicle. Mounting to the draw bar and wiring into the trailer’s loom, the Elecbrakes unit is powered via the trailer’s electrical plug which is connected to the tow vehicle. Operating on both 12 and 24-volt systems, Elecbrakes is smart brake control technology.

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We wire the Brake controller directly on your trailer.  The 'Trailer-Wired' model functions identically except it is spliced directly into your trailer's wiring. This means that when you connect your trailer to your vehicle you simply plug the trailer cable into your tow vehicle's socket as you would normally. This installation results in less external visible cables which provides a sleeker look. Elecbrakes is a popular choice for trailer users across a range of applications. Caravan and camper trailer enthusiasts love the flexibility of being able to lend their camper to family and friends more easily, horse float owners rely on us for personalised preset programs and boat owners find it easier to reverse down boat ramps with our adjustable brake response. Industrial trailer users and businesses with fleet vehicles enjoy a massive increase in efficiency thanks to our trailer-mounted solution.

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