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Zero Breeze Mark II – Portable Air Con


The Future of Off-Grid Comfort is Here! Introducing the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2, a groundbreaking invention in the realm of outdoor air conditioning. Tailored especially for the wandering spirits, it promises unparalleled relief from the Australian heat. The true embodiment of luxury in the wild!

Key Features:

  • World’s First Ultra-Portable Design: The Mark 2 stands out as the planet’s very first ultra-portable air conditioner. Designed exclusively for the great outdoors, it’s light, compact, and can be carried with a unique single-hand handle. Whether you’re at a sporting event or lost in the heart of nature, ZERO BREEZE ensures you remain cool and composed.
  • Powerful Performance: Despite its compact size, it boasts an impressive 2300 BTU, promising a drop of up to 30°F. Perfect for spaces ranging from 25~40 sq ft.
  • Exceptional Battery Life: Experience continuous comfort with a runtime ranging from 3-8 hours, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep under the stars.
  • Versatile Voltage Support: No matter where your journey takes you, the Mark 2 supports both 120V and 240V, ensuring compatibility across various terrains and adventures.
  • Revolutionary Compressor: The core of the Mark 2, its compressor, is truly a game-changer in the portable AC industry. Remarkably, it’s only the size of a cola can! Yet, its efficiency is bound to astound.
  • Dual Hose System: For optimal performance and swift cooling.

Experience the Outdoors Like Never Before! Venture into nature, armed with the power of the Mark 2. Go where traditional air conditioners dare not tread. Whether you’re exploring the untouched wilderness or seeking solace at a remote campsite, the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 promises an oasis of cool comfort.

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