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What is the Easiest Camper Trailer to Set Up?

Quick Pitch: Unveiling the Fastest-Setup Campers for Effortless Adventures

When the call of the wild beckons, the last thing you want to do is spend hours wrestling with tent poles and instructions. Enter rear fold camper trailers, known for their ease of setup and compact design. But which rear fold campers stand out as the absolute easiest to set up? Let’s delve into the details of two standout models: the Chase S5 and the Quest S4, both of which promise hassle-free assembly and a ticket to adventure in mere minutes.

The Chase S5

Lightweight and Ready in Minutes

Those seeking a quick getaway with home comforts should consider the Chase S5. Designed primarily for couples or small families, the Chase S5 is a lightweight marvel, ensuring even SUVs can tow it with ease. But what’s even more impressive is its incredibly intuitive setup process. Simply unclip 4 latches, connect the floor to the included winch, and begin the winding process. Within minutes, and with the addition of just six tent poles, you’re ready to recline in comfort. Furthermore, the camper features a robust 16oz close weave canvas tent, ensuring ample ventilation and ease of closure.

Key Features:

  • Weight: Only 900kg, making it towable by lightweight SUVs.
  • Sleeping Capacity: Perfect for couples or families with young children.
  • Price: Starts from $14,399.
  • Kitchen: Slide-out kitchen with serving area and 2 burner BBQ.

The Quest S4

An Off-Road Champion with Quick Setup

For adventurers yearning to venture off the beaten path without the hindrance of a massive camper, the Quest S4 emerges as the hero. Though similar in setup to the Chase S5, the Quest offers a bit more, especially for off-roaders, thanks to its dual independent suspension. The process remains largely the same: unclip, connect, winch, and voila! You’re set. However, the Quest takes a tad longer due to its slightly extended annex, but it’s a small trade-off for the added space and features.

Key Features:

  • Suspension: Dual independent off-road suspension.
  • Sleeping Capacity: Ideal for couples or those with one or two children.
  • Price: Starts from $18,399.
  • Kitchen: Slide-out kitchen with a generous serving area.

The Beauty of Rear Fold Campers

What makes these rear fold campers stand out is their undeniably simple setup mechanism. By just unlatching, giving a bit of slack on the winch, and lifting the floor (which is notably light due to struts), the main tent pops open almost like magic. Add four poles, and in roughly three minutes, you’re good to go. While the Quest requires a smidge more time, it’s a matter of mere minutes.

In essence, both the Chase S5 and Quest S4 cater wonderfully to couples or smaller families looking for easy, spontaneous trips into the wilderness. The rapid setup time, combined with their comprehensive features, makes them an obvious choice for those keen to spend more time exploring and less time setting up camp.

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