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Keeping Your Platinum Camper Stable: Tips for Using & Maintaining Your Stabiliser Legs

Best Practices for Using Stabiliser Legs

How to use and maintain your stabiliser legs

Keeping your Platinum Camper in tip-top shape is crucial for your next off-road adventure. While it may not be the most exciting task, taking care of your stabiliser legs can save you from potential issues down the road. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use and maintain your stabiliser legs effectively.

Stabiliser Leg Tool – This is a 19mm socket- simply wind until it hits the ground – then give it one more small quarter turn to take pressure. This is all – Do not over tighten your legs. 

While it’s essential to keep your stabiliser legs happy, it’s also vital to remember what they’re designed to do. They’re not meant to lift the entire weight of your camper or caravan – no way! They’re here to stabilise your rig and keep it from rocking around. So, don’t get too ambitious and try to lift the whole camper or wheel off the ground. Those roll pins holding the gears in place are only about four or five millimetres in diameter, and that’s not enough to bear the whole weight of your rig.

To avoid damaging your stabiliser legs, try to set up your camper on even ground and use chocks to prevent any forward or backward rocking that could cause those pins to bend. While a slightly uneven surface is generally not a problem, for very uneven ground, using levelling chocks can be helpful to avoid any issues with the stabiliser leg pins bending. Wind down the legs using your stabiliser leg tool, wind until the leg touches the ground, then give it just another small turn to take the pressure. Don’t over-tighten the legs on uneven ground. Over-winding the legs can cause the leverage to try and bend the pin, resulting in trouble getting your stabiliser leg out. Or worse – it will break the pins, and you will be unable to wind it back up when it comes time to head home. 

Stabiliser Leg Maintenance Steps

Step 1: Remove the Dust Cover!

Grab your trusty screwdriver and unscrew the two screws holding down the dust cover. Then, pop off the black cap and expose the gears inside the little stabiliser leg. Wow, those gears are like a little machine all on their own!

Step 2: Grease is the Word!

Next, get a finger full of grease and apply it to the gears. Work that sticky goodness amongst the teeth, ensuring that there’s plenty in there. It’s like the stabiliser legs are getting a much-needed spa treatment!


Step 1 – Undo the screws on either side of the cap covering the gears on your stabiliser leg. 

Step 2 – Pop the plastic cap off using a flat head screwdriver. 

Step 3 – Inspect and then generously grease the gears inside your stabiliser leg. 

While maintenance may not be the most exciting part of camping, it’s a crucial aspect that will keep your Platinum Camper running smoothly for years to come. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube for more helpful tips and tricks!

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