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Where are Platinum Camper
Trailers Made?

Learn about how Platinum Camper Trailers are manufactured and our quality control processes

Where are Platinum Campers Manufactured?

Platinum Campers uses a hybrid build process beginning in our China manufacturing plant and is fitted-out, gas plumbed, and completed at our Brisbane workshop. In China, they manufacture our bodies and tent tops; these are then shipped to the Brisbane branch for its final fit-out. This process allows us to maintain a very high quality control system, ensuring our campers meet and exceed customer expectations, while still remaining affordable when compared to a fully Australian made camper. 

Building camper trailers in Brisbane

Should you be wary about Chinese manufactured campers?

While in the past, when the camper trailer industry was in its infancy in Australia – there were some cowboys in the industry. Some Chinese manufactured campers were so poorly manufactured they fell apart on their maiden voyage. However, this is no longer the case. With overwhelming investment, research, and design by larger importers, like Platinum Campers. Campers made in China are now competing with the quality of their Australian made counterparts. Through testing, revisions, customer feedback, and with Platinum’s hybrid manufacturing model completing the Campers in Brisbane – Australian’s can purchase affordable, quality, well-spec’ed camper trailers with great after-sales service and support that should make your feel more than comfortable when purchasing a camper from Platinum. 

Don't all Chinese-made canvas leak?

This is simply not the case anymore. Almost all canvas materials used in Australia for use in camper trailers, swags, tents, and even most military equipment are made in China. Like all fabric materials, there are different grades and qualities available to us. A lot of our competitors choose to use a 14oz canvas, Platinum uses a 16oz canvas with good tight weaves. After your purchase, you need to give your tent a season by simply wetting it and letting it dry out in the sun. For more tips on how to care for your canvas tent check out our guide on how to extend the life of your tent. 

Don't they all come out of the same factory?

Yes and no. Some importers do just pick a camper out of a catalog, add their branding, and have a completed camper shipped over. We do not do this. Platinum Campers have our own factory within China, our own trained staff, and quality control mechanisms, allowing us to build customised trailers just for us. The Chariot hard floor, a double fold camper trailer is a great example of our capabilities and unique engineering with a camper with three rooms, and with the back folding all the way to the ground – a true six berth hard floor! 

Plus, with the added step of having our team in Brisbane Australia inspect every nut & bolt on our campers – you can rest soundly knowing your camper is built to a very high standard and has the warranty to back it up! With 5-year structural, 2-year canvas, and 1 year on the fittings. 

What's the Platinum Build Process?

Here’s the Platinum Campers Build Process from start to Delivery

1) Camper design and Engineering

Design and engineering is completed in-house by our team of camping experts. This is then sent to our team in China. 

2) Bodies, Drawbars & Tents manufactured

This takes place at our factory in China and is quality checked by the Quality assurance team. 

3) Shipment to Brisbane

The bodies, drawbars, and tents are then sent to Brisbane – for most models, we can fit about 10 campers into a container. 

4) Arrival into our Brisbane Showroom

The campers are unloaded from the containers, and we then create our build schedule based on the order in which purchases were received.

5) Inspection & Assembly

The first step is a thorough inspection checklist where everything is checked over, down to every nut and bolt. Next, drawbars are attached, followed by hubs & wheels, then finally the tent tops.

6) Gas Plumbing & Electrical Fitout

Our campers are then gas plumbed by a local installer to Australian standards. 

The 12v power system is then installed – and if any optional extras are required like 240V GPO, this is completed by a licenced electrician. 

7) Final Pre-Delivery

Final pre-delivery involved another thorough checklist. We print your manuals, check your keys and remote controls, tire pressures are checked, poles are inspected, the canvas is checked etc. Any additional optional extras are added here – and of course – a good clean!

8) Hand-over & Delivery

As all our campers come through Brisbane to be built. A lot of the campers will then require transport. We send campers all over the country, to our dealers in Rockhampton, Townsville and Perth – And also direct to consumers. 

If handover is not done in person – we can offer virtual handovers

Next Steps?

Here at Platinum Campers, we work very hard to develop great value for money camper trailers that are affordable and full of standard inclusions. Still not sure what the right camper for you is? Start with our camper trailers buyer’s guide – it is full of useful information and questions to ask yourself to help you find the best camper for you and your family. 

Have questions, or are ready to go ahead with a camper from Platinum – you can contact us on 1300 368 399 or send us a message via email or social media! 

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