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How to Store Your Camper Trailer

Learn about how to store your camper and keep it in great condition ready for adventure at moment’s notice. 

Storage & Care

This article is all about extending the life of your camper trailer, and to help you protect your investment. The main goal here is to keep your camper in great condition so you can hit the trails at a moment’s notice. 

UV Light & moisture can have serious, adverse effects on your camper when left unprotected outside. 

Where to Store your Camper?

Your first thought should be – where can I store my camper? The best answer to this is in a locked-up garage, away from the elements, dry and safe from opportunistic thieves. But a Garage may not be an option for everybody.

The next best place is under a car port, or under cover, again, protecting your investment from the elements. If stored outside though – you will need to consider things like moisture getting in. 

If this isn’t an option – and you will need to store it outside – We highly encourage you to buy a Camper Trailer Cover. We use Camec covers here at Platinum – they have been designed to protect your camper from the elements. With a composite of two materials, 1 – The top which is highly water resistant and 2 – the sides which are breathable panels, this allows moisture to evaporate to resist mould and mildew. We cannot recommend enough, if storing your camper outside – use a cover! At the very least – a tarp. 

Camec Camper Trailer cover for outdoor storage
Soft Floor Camper with heaps of storage

Exterior Protection

Other than keeping the trailer clean and free from debris, there are a couple more things you need to look out for on the exterior of your camper trailer. Ensure all your seals have proper compression, 30-50% compression. (When you latch down, take note of how far the seals compress) Make sure seals are free from dirt, and don’t have anything protruding past the seals. 

UV light and other elements can overtime cause seals and fittings to perish and become brittle, requiring replacement. Just use warm soapy water to clean seals. And you can add a layer of WD40 to protect the Hammertone finish. This will help stop dirt sticking in the first place.

Interior Protection

Time, heat and moisture are you enemy here. Moisture, even in the smallest amount, if left long enough in the right conditions can and will cause mould on your canvas. High humidity and cooling temperatures can create condensation – which in turn can lead to mould. Make sure to check under your mattress before packing up, as warm bodies and cool temperatures can lead to condensation.

  • Check under mattress and allow to dry before packing up.
  • Use moisture absorbing packs or dehumidifier packs in the camper to help draw out any water vapour.
  • If you need to pack while raining, or still wet, open & dry the camper as soon as possible when you return home. Dry all Canvas thoroughly, and check everywhere.
Damp Rid
Damp Free
Canvas Magic mould Remover

What to do if you get mould?

Once mould takes hold, it is very, very difficult to clean. And once mould has been inside your camper, it is more likely to return again. Never pack your camper and leave it wet. If you had to pack your camper while it is wet – it is very important for you to open the camper as soon as possible and let it dry. Mould can develop in just a few days (or less!) – so never take the risk. Use dehumidifier packs, especially for long term storage. And if keeping it under a cover, make sure the cover has breathing holes, like the Camec Camper Trailer Covers.

If you do notice mould – there are a number of commercially available canvas mould cleaners, however these are harsh on your canvas, and if possible, a less harsh option is advisable.

Note: There are many different ways to clean mould from canvas. After googling, you will have many options to choose from. It all really depends on how bad it is, where it is etc. This is for minor to moderate. But again. Many different ways you can proceed. 

1) Dry the Canvas. 
Yes, it may be too late to prevent the mould, and moisture is what has led to this problem in the first place. So, start with drying out your canvas. Leave for at least a good 24-hour period. (Resist the urge to just get started cleaning) 

2) Prepare the Canvas. 
Remove any debris, loose materials, bird droppings, dirt, grease – everything before attempting to attach the mould. 

3) Cleaning the Canvas
Here comes the fun part, cleaning the mould from the canvas, and killing it. If it is minor, you can probably get away of a mixture of vinegar and water (equal parts), if it’s getting bad, you might want to look at rubbing alcohol and water (equal parts). Dampen a rag with the mixture and rub the canvas thoroughly. And start scrubbing. And then scrub some more. 

4) Rinse
Finally, rinse out the mixture with cold water – and allow your canvas to dry for min. 24 hours. 

If these methods fail. We have had great results with Canvas Magic Mould Remover

Battery Storage

When packing away your camper for even a couple of days, we highly recommend you switch off the battery management system from the Main Isolator Switch. Switching off your camper makes sure that you will not drain your batteries over time. You should use a battery charger on maintenance mode, at least monthly when stored. This will ensure you do not risk damaging your batteries by letting them drain to below 12v.

Secure Your camper

When your camper is unhitched for storage, we recommend the use of wheel chocks, blocks etc to prevent your camper from moving in the unlikely event of a handbrake failure. Even just putting a brick under the wheels will do the job, but make sure you use something. For security, there are a number of options available to you.

Wheel clamps are a great option and are one of the hardest for potential thieves to remove. You can also use a hitch lock, which will make it very difficult for somebody to hitch up your trailer and drive off. At the end of the day – these are both deterrents – The build quality of what you choose to use does matter.


Still have questions? Shoot us a message or give us a call and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding storing your camper. 

Drive Safe & Happy Camping!

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