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The worst has happened, your Camper has mould, now what?

How to clean mould from your camper trailer tent without scrubbing

What Causes Mould?

Simply, moisture, time and heat. If you pack your camper away when it is damp, and then don’t dry it out before storing it long term – this is a recipe for mould and the next time you open it, you may find mould growth. And once mould takes hold it can be very difficult to remove. That is until Canvas Magic hit the scene. 

Canvas Magic - Now Available at Platinum

Canvas Magic is a new product that guarantees mould removal – and the best part, there is no scrubbing required! And it is now available from Platinum Camper Showrooms!

Make sure the area being treated is well ventilated.

As a precautionary measure, always do a small colourfast patch test in a hidden area to confirm there will be no loss of colour, as Canvas Magic is a chemical product.

Spray liberally onto the dry canvas mould with a pump-up weed sprayer from close range, then wait 15minutes for the mould to disappear. Repeat process until all mould is gone. After the mould has vanished, but before the product dries, rinse down with water to wash any residual chemical out, and let your canvas dry thoroughly. Once dry, you will need to re-waterproof your canvas.

canvas magic mould remover

Dynaproof Waterproofing

After you treat your canvas with Canvas Magic, you will need to re-waterproof your canvas.

The proven & tested re-waterproofing product we sell is called DYNAPROOF, (also available at Platinum!) Dynaproof is formulated by an actual Australian canvas manufacturer… so quality is assured, and it’s made to suit all canvas. Easy to apply, water based, and you only need to apply to the outside of the canvas with a brush or roller. Coverage is approx: 1L per 5sqm (4L should cover a standard size camper trailer).


Still have questions? Shoot us a message or give us a call and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding mould removal and the Canvas Magic Product. 

Drive Safe & Happy Camping!

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