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Do you really need Lithium Batteries in a Camper Trailer?

What is the point of spending extra money on lithium if AGM batteries are less expensive? That’s a good question… Here’s why.

Initial Outlay

Yes, the cost of a lithium battery is probably over twice as high as that of an AGM battery for the same energy capacity. While this is a pretty large expense, your intended use will determine whether a lithium battery is more economical for you than an AGM. AGM batteries are probably a better choice if your battery is only used a few times per year.

Lithium batteries, on the other hand, maybe the best option for anyone who regularly camps and discharges their batteries on a regular basis.

When discharging an AGM battery to about 50% of its rated capacity at a time, it will likely last approximately 600 cycles before it needs replacing. While the same sort of usage will see lithium batteries last around 5000 cycles. This is where lithium is truly cost-effective.

Baintech Lithium Battery

Weight, Size and Energy Ratios

LiFePO4 vs Lead Acid Discharge Curve EN

Everything you add to your camper trailer will take away from the payload you can take with you, and AGM batteries are heavy right? If you have ever changed one you know what I am talking about. A typical 110Amp Hour AGM Battery can weigh up to 35KG or more. In comparison, the Baintech Lithium Batteries Platinum campers recommend weighing in at only 13kg. When talking about a dual battery setup – this could be a saving of more than 44kg! Which is a lot of clothing and food, or even an extra jerry can of fuel or water! That could make a big difference on an outback adventure! 

AGM batteries really shouldn’t be discharged below 50%, as this can start to damage the battery and reduce the number of cycles you will get out of it – reducing its overall lifespan – sometimes dramatically. (We’ve all experienced a flat battery, that no matter what you do will not recharge.) At only 50% discharge from your battery – the real usable energy from a 110amp hour battery is going to be closer to 55 amp-hours. 

Compare this to lithium batteries. Lithium batteries can be safely discharged to as low as 10% without having a detrimental effect on the battery’s health. Meaning a 110 amp-hour lithium has over 40 more amp hours when compared to AGM batteries.


Simply – it is the quicker the better while out camping. As batteries discharge in regular use, you want to be able to charge it up quickly.  Lithium batteries are very quick at this, they are able to take a much higher charge-level right up the full 100%. AGM batteries start to slow right down when they hit 80% full. This means you need more sun time on your solar panels, and/ or more time on the generator. 

Plus another thing to consider is that times have changed. I remember when I was a kid, the only battery we had out camping was to start the car and a couple for torches and walkie-talkies. Things were kept cool in esky’s, and cooking was done by gas or over the fire. 

Today – things are a little different, Fridge/Freezers are common, all the kids now want to keep their phones charged to take photos (not play games of course), maybe you have brought a TV to watch some Netflix at night, and while music used to be the guitar – these days it’s probably Spotify! So these days – you need a large battery to keep everyone juiced up. 


Main Reasons to Upgrade to Lithium Batteries, and do you need one?

This all depends on what you need to charge, how often you need to recharge, and how long you will be away from mains power. While there are a number of reasons to take the plunge into Lithium – Here are the main points to consider: 

1) Up to a third of the weight – 13kg Vs. 35kg
2) More power – Lithium batteries hold their voltage over the cycle, unlike lead acid where the voltage drops off almost immediately. 
3) More capacity – A lithium battery can discharge up to 90% where as a lead acid is only 50% – 1.8X storage capacity. 
4) Greater lifespan – Get over 10 years life from lithium 2000-5000 cycles. 
5) Faster to charge – Lithium batteries can accept a great charge more efficiently. 
6) Cost comparable over the life cycle – you might go through 3-4 lead-acid batteries at the same time as a single lithium battery. 

Why Bainbridge Technologies?

More than 30 Years of DC and AC power systems expertise

Stock on Hand 
Batteries are manufactured from their Brisbane factory and they carry stock of the most popular range ready for immediate road transport. And being local to the Platinum Factory – we can collect within hours. 

Proudly Australian
All their batteries are CAD Designed, engineered, built, and supported from the Brisbane premises. 

Verified Designs 
They have partnered with leading engineers to design a 12v battery range to provide solutions in the outdoor leisure and recreation space. Including RV, 4×4, marine, and camper trailers. 

5 Year Warranty
After-sales support and warranty for 5 years on all Lithium Batteries sold by Bainbridge Technologies. 

Lithium Battery Upgrade Options


Still have questions? Shoot us a message or give us a call and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding Lithium Batteries, DC to DC Chargers, Power Management Systems and Platinum Campers. 

Drive Safe & Happy Camping!  

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