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The Ultimate Guide to Family Camper Trailers: Space, Comfort, and Adventure

Maximizing Your Family's Outdoor Experience: Choosing the Perfect Family Camper Trailer for Comfort, Space, and Versatility

Discovering the Ideal Camper Trailer for Your Next Adventure

Embarking on a camping trip with the family is an adventure that promises bonding, laughter, and a lifetime of memories. However, the key to a seamless and enjoyable experience lies in choosing the right family camper trailer, especially for those with a bustling brood. For families with four or more young children, the stakes are even higher—space, comfort, and storage become the holy trinity of a successful outing. Platinum Campers specialises in crafting camper trailers that tick all these boxes and more, ensuring that your family’s outdoor escapades are nothing short of extraordinary.

Camper Trailers for Large Families

The Superiority of Soft Floor Camper Trailers for Large Families

Expansive Living Areas: A Canvas for Family Memories

The soft floor camper trailers from Platinum Campers are a haven of space. With the ability to set up on a variety of terrains, these campers offer a sprawling canvas where children can play, and adults can unwind. The additional option to attach a kids’ room transforms these campers into a multi-room retreat, perfect for larger families or those who enjoy bringing along friends or extended family.

Versatile Storage Solutions: A Place for Everything

When traveling with a large family, the ability to pack without playing Tetris is a game-changer. Platinum Campers’ soft floor models come with innovative storage solutions that allow you to pack efficiently and accessibly. The days of unpacking everything to reach one item are long gone. With these campers, every piece of camping gear has its place, accessible even when the camper is packed away.

Warrior - Storage Compartments Open - The perfect Camper trailer for large families

Ease of Towing: The Journey Made Simple

Despite their spacious interiors, soft floor campers are surprisingly light to tow. This ease of mobility means you can explore a wider range of destinations without worrying about the strain on your vehicle. It also translates to better fuel efficiency, a critical consideration for family budgets.

Comfort and Luxury as Standard: No Compromises

Here at Platinum Campers, comfort is a given, not a luxury. Our soft floor campers are equipped with plush mattresses, durable all-weather canvas, and a fully enclosed annex as standard features. This dedication to excellence guarantees that your family’s outdoor experiences are cozy and enjoyable, just like home.

The Chariot Dual Fold Camper Trailer: A Hard Floor Option for Bigger Families

While soft floor campers are exceptional for space and comfort, some families may prefer the quick setup and robustness of hard floor models. The Chariot Dual Fold Camper Trailer is Platinum Campers’ answer to this preference. It’s a hard floor camper that doesn’t skimp on space, comfortably sleeping six without the annex. And for families with 2-3 children, The Chase and Quest models offer an optional kids’ room, while the fully enclosed annex (included with all of our models) provides additional space for sleeping or storage.

Storage: The Key to Happy Family Camping

For large families, ample storage is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Soft floor campers excel in providing generous storage options, ensuring that you can bring along all the necessities for your family’s comfort and enjoyment. From camping gear to children’s toys, there’s a spot for everything, making your trip organised and stress-free.

FAQs for Family Camper Trailers

Why are Soft Floors great for Families?

Soft floor campers offer expansive tent space, versatile storage solutions, and are lighter for towing, making them ideal for large families who need space and convenience.

Can Hard Floors be Family Campers?

Yes, hard floor campers like the Chariot Dual Fold can accommodate larger families and offer options like additional kids’ rooms and enclosed annexes for extra sleeping space.


Soft floor campers typically offer more accessible storage space, which is essential for large families who need to pack more items for their camping trips.

Camper Comfort

Platinum Campers designs soft floor campers with comfort and luxury in mind, including more standard inclusions than many competitors.

Camper Trailers for Large Families


For families seeking the perfect camping experience, soft floor campers from Platinum offer the space, comfort, and versatility needed to create unforgettable outdoor adventures. With the option to add an additional kids’ room and the benefit of a fully enclosed annex, these campers are designed to meet the demands of large families who love to explore the great outdoors together.

Platinum Camper Trailers have a large range of on-road and off-road soft floor & hard floor camper trailers for sale in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville, Perth and can deliver to the rest of Australia. Still have questions, or looking to take the next step? Send us a message, give us a call or enquire at one of our 5 showrooms around the country

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