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Do You Need an Anderson Plug for Your Camper Trailer?​

Anderson Plug

Ah, the joys of camping! The freedom of the open road, the connection to nature, and the convenience of your own movable home. At Platinum Campers, we understand that every detail matters when it comes to your camping experience. That’s why today, we’re focusing on one specific detail that gets asked about a lot: the Anderson plug.

Emergency Tent Canvas Repairs for Your Camper Trailer​

Tear in Canvas

Exploring the great outdoors in your camper trailer is an exhilarating experience. But sometimes, accidents happen, and that durable canvas can suffer the occasional nick or tear. Given the considerable investment you’ve made in your Platinum camper, it’s essential to be well-versed in emergency repair solutions. Here’s a guide to keeping your canvas intact and ensuring you enjoy your adventures, rain or shine.

Rekindling Romance on Wheels: Platinum Camper Trailers for Couples​

Couple sitting by campfire

Ah, the open road – where the horizon stretches endlessly, and where every twist and turn offers a new surprise. Whether you’re rekindling the flames of passion or enjoying the newfound freedom after the kids have flown the nest, a camper trailer is your cozy nest on wheels.

Essential Towing Tips for First-Time Camper Trailer Adventurers​

Warrior S4 Soft Floor Camper Trailer Hitched up to Vehicle

Discovering the open road with a camper trailer unlocks a world of possibilities. However, for beginners, towing a camper trailer might seem a daunting task. Here at Platinum Campers, we’re committed to making your camping experiences as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Let’s go through some key tips to help you tow your camper trailer like a pro.

Mastering Your Camper Trailer Battery Life with Platinum Campers​

Chase S5 Camper - Power Management System

Venturing into Australia’s breathtaking landscapes with your Platinum Camper requires preparation and knowledge. Key among these is understanding your camper trailer’s battery life and how it powers your camping experience. To make this process easier, every Platinum Camper includes a battery V metre and amp gauge, enabling you to keep track of your power usage and battery life on the go.

Among camping enthusiasts, two popular battery choices are AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries and Lithium batteries. Both have their advantages, but understanding their power capacities is crucial, especially if you’re using a 100-amp hour battery.

Stargazing in Queensland with Platinum Camper Trailers​

Stargazing with your camper Trailer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep under a blanket of stars in the Australian outback? Imagine exploring one of the world’s longest lava tube systems by day and witnessing the splendor of the night sky by night. Welcome to Platinum Campers’ celestial journey through the mesmerizing world of stargazing in Queensland!

Making Camper Dreams Come True with Starlight Children’s Foundation

Starlight Make a Wish - Camper Trailer

Platinum Campers Making Dreams Come True Platinum Camper Trailers Collaborates with Starlight Children’s Foundation for Wishes on Wheels Learn More Granting Wishes on Wheels At Platinum Camper Trailers, we believe in the power of adventure, family bonding, and creating cherished memories. That’s why we were overwhelmed with honor when Starlight Children’s Foundation approached us to […]

Long-Term Camper Trailer Canvas Maintenance

Platinum Campers Long-Term Camper Trailer Canvas Maintenance Tips for Extending the Life of Your Trailer Learn More Keeping Your Camper Trailer Canvas in Top Condition: Tips and Tricks Congratulations on your decision to invest in a Platinum camper trailer! With proper care and maintenance, your new trailer will provide you with many years of enjoyable […]

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